Wellness Coaching (Strategy Session)
Wellness Coaching (Strategy Session)

Wellness Coaching (Strategy Session)

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Do you want more? Do you think you deserve to thrive, not just survive? Balanced wellness practices are foundational to living your best life. The NeuroLeadership Institute asserts that, in order to achieve optimal brain function, it is necessary to equally value and set aside time for each facet of a Healthy Mind Platter.

While a few of these areas may be immediately recognizable as important for everyone to prioritize, not many of us give each equal value. Yet these areas represent everyday activities that are essential to holistic, optimal brain health. Using the Healthy Mind Platter, we will look at all aspects of your life to create well-designed action plans that get you moving forward.

What to Expect

I start every coaching relationship with a Free 30-Minute Discovery Session to give you a taste of what your coaching program will be like. Then, once we decide to work together, your coaching sessions will be 60-minutes long via video call or in-person (as long as we have a quiet place where we won’t be interrupted).

In this first Strategy Session, we will explore the Healthy Mind Platter Wheel and determine your satisfaction levels within each section. We will then delve deeper into these areas to generate learning and self-awareness with powerful questions. Finally, you will create purposeful action items to dynamically propel yourself forward in pursuit of your goals.

This Strategy Session can function as a stand alone session to catalyze the path forward toward your goals. When used most effectively, it can inform how you progress into a 6- or 10-Session Program.

The most impactful option is to complete a 10-Session Program, spaced out over the course of 5 months. This allows you enough time to work through and absorb coaching insights and achieve your meaningful actions. If that's too much of a commitment for you at this time, the 6-Session Program (spaced out over the course of 3 months) also provides you with valuable insights and impressive results.

Want More?

Check out my 6-Session and 10-Session Wellness Coaching Programs!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule your Free 30-Minute Discovery Session to find out what exactly coaching is and how it may help you.