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Claire E Jones | Clarifications Coaching LLC

Our world needs more people who dare to go for their dreams and live authentically.

My mission is to help badass business leaders create sustainable systems for self-leadership, self-expression, and self-celebration.

    We'll be a great fit if...

    • You have big dreams, drive, and vision.
    • You are building a creative and/or purpose-driven business.
    • You are multi-talented and independent.
    • You are socially conscious and creative. 
    • You have a sense of humor.
    • You care!
    • You are a naturally born leader, and you need to lead in your business.
    • You are passionate about female empowerment in the world, and especially in the world of business.

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     What makes my work different:

    • I combine practical business know-how with mindset work - they are the yin and yang of business.
    • I back up all of my coaching practices with neuroscience - believe it or not, emotions, thoughts, and values are very much quantifiable!
    • I am a genius at connecting dots others haven't connected before.
    • I am skilled both at getting a bird's eye perspective on your business and setting up a solid plan of action.
    • I live, breathe, and eat SYSTEMS!
    • I am committed to individual authenticity, so my focus is always on uncovering what makes you unique and how you can succeed in your own unique way.


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