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Why do I do what I do? I have always been passionate about people and, in college, I used my interests to pursue an Art History degree. While that may seem like it has nothing to do with coaching on the surface, I would disagree. I consider Art History to be an exercise in studying the psychology of culture. How does this one art piece and/or artist not only reflect but also impact the culture within which it was produced? What does it say about the people in that culture?

From this standpoint, I learned how to study and absorb information about people in a way that encouraged me to identify, highlight, and apply trends, themes, and movements across cultures. Coming out of college, I used these skills to found my first business (a retail store devoted to local goods) and I was able to easily apply these research and encyclopedic competencies to the field of small business development.

Why coaching? I ended up working in small business development for a while and found that people could only develop their businesses and careers far as they were willing and able to develop themselves. That's where I come in. As a coach, I now identify, highlight, and apply the trends and themes that impact individuals as a form of personal development. Specifically, I specialize in helping people who are in transitional periods and want help getting to the next level.

I've discovered that coaching is an optimal way to facilitate self-directed neuroplasticity because it is so client-focused. Being client-centered takes on a deeper meaning when there is the potential to connect clients’ neurons in new ways, leading to novel thoughts, beliefs, or feelings. All existing perspectives, mindsets, beliefs, habits, and values are neural pathways embedded in your brain. When encouraged to identify and evaluate them out loud with a coach, clients then have the option to intentionally choose and embed new neural pathways (i.e. neuroplasticity).

Why me? I have been particularly successful with women who are experiencing career transitions. Since I have been through a myriad of career evolutions myself, I can certainly relate! I have been on a winding but worthwhile self-actualization journey over the years and have cultivated a zealous passion for all things personal development. I eat, breath, and drink every resource I can get my hands on and am constantly self-improving through experience, observation, introspection, reading, and discussion.

I love to share my passion with the world and, as always, feel free to hit me up with any questions, comments, or concerns. I can’t wait to join you all on this fabulous journey we call life!

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