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NeuroLeadership Coaching Workshop

Participants: 4-6

Time: 60-90 minutes

Materials: writing implements & enthusiasm

Cost: $39 per person

In this workshop, we will work together to create a Personal Vision for your professional and/or leadership goals, Set Reminders to help remember your vision, look at your levels of satisfaction in the four domains of leadership on your NeuroLeadership Wheel, and determine 5 Habits that will help you achieve your goals.

Wellness Coaching Workshop Series

Participants: 4-6

Time: 60-90 minutes

Materials: writing implements & enthusiasm

Cost: $39 per person

(These workshops can be done as a series or individually)

Workshop #1: Vision and Action

This workshop is designed to inspire people to experience a little of coaching’s magic and to learn more about what coaching is. We will go over three coaching exercises to help give you a clear picture of some of your own goals and how they fit into your overall vision for your future. First, we will work on gaining clarity about what your vision is for the future. We will then do an exercise to help you remember that vision, and finally, we will finish up with the Healthy Mind Platter Wheel and design action plans to move you closer to your vision.

Workshop #2: Habits and Core Motivation

This workshop looks at Habits and Core Motivation. These concepts work well together because they emphasize that Core Motivation looks at your personality as a bundle of habits and beliefs that you can change. However, like habits, chancing patterns of personality takes conscious effort and work. It's fun to see people have insights into their lives and walk away with meaningful action steps.

Workshop #3: Future Self and Inner Critic

The design of this workshop mimics a Wellness Coaching session. First, we will explore the Future Self to give you a powerful visualization experience. You will then use that same imaginative muscle to look at the Inner Critic - the messages, stories, and excuses that hold you back from achieving your goals.


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Past Workshops

Vision & Action Wellness Workshop | Clarifications Coaching LLC

Vision & Action Wellness Workshop

Tuesday, May 14th | 6 - 8pm

Bauformat Show Room Seattle in Belltown

In this small and intimate workshop, you will get the opportunity to gain clarity on what you really want, and design action steps, habits, and mindsets to achieve it. The fundamental premise is that you are already creative, resourceful, and whole. We rely on your inner brilliance as we ask powerful questions to provoke new insights which lead to meaningful and compelling actions. Add in a pinch of accountability, and you’ll be about 10-20% more effective in achieving your goals.

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