Badass Biz Program
Badass Biz Program
Badass Biz Program
Badass Biz Program

Badass Biz Program

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In this program, I combine neuroscientific frameworks with my coaching and business consulting expertise so that you can grow your business without burning out.

Together, we create a customized package that aligns with your goals to up-level your business. I tailor fit the program so that , together, we can plan out your vision, identify obstacles, and build new habits.

All programs are personalized to each individual client because I know what it's like to want guidance that is specifically focused on YOU and your unique internal guiding system. There is no such thing as cookie cutter success!

What to Expect

STEP 1: Free Consult

In this consult, we go over your answers in your Intake Application to really drill down into what’s stopping you in your business and in your life.

Is it work-life balance? Is it social media profile set up? Is it managing teams and leading people? Is it overall marketing strategy?  

Then, we create a program based on what you need and dive on in.

STEP 2: Custom Program

My basic program consists of:

✦ Three (3) 60-Min Coaching Sessions, and

✦ Twelve (12) hours of Business Development Support.

The idea is to address the low-hanging fruit first - these are the tasks that have turned into obstacles for you, whether it's social media profile set up, cash flow reporting, website development, operation manuals, or other tasks.

We will address these in the twelve (12) hours of Business Development Support so that you can get them done and move on with your life. And I always make sure that you learn how to do these tasks as well so that you are empowered to handle them again later on!

Meanwhile, we will also address the mindsets, perspectives, and habits that influence every aspect of your business's success. This is done during our three (3) 60-Min Coaching Sessions.

This is where we get into the juicy NeuroLeadership frameworks that will empower you to be a more effective and productive business leader. You will learn the skill sets required as well as learn how to create a sustainable work life balance for yourself to make sure you don’t burn out.

Want more strategy, less mindset work? Or vice versa? Some of my clients need more Business Development Support and some want more Coaching and Mindset Support so I will always work with my clients to make sure that the program fits their goals.

STEP 3: Transformation

Together, we will have created systems, habits, perspectives, and lifestyles that will fulfill and enrich your internal guiding system so that you can live up to your fullest, most enjoyable potential.

You will have clear idea of the road between who you are and who you want to be. 

You will know how to properly set up your business for growth. You will know how to better manage your time and delegate effectively. You will know how to better prioritize your work-life balance and devote time to self-care.

You will no longer settle for a life of mediocrity and the status quo.

You will feel understood, seen, heard, and valued.

So, let me know... what are you waiting for?



Not Sure Where to Start?

Apply for your Free 30-Minute Consult to find out what IS working in your business, what IS NOT working in your business, where you would like your business to be in 3 months, and what you need help with at this time.