Color Study #1

Color Study #1

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An original wax and oil on canvas measuring 31" x 27". Frame included.

I have always been much more of a representational artist, more inclined toward photo realism than anything else. Coming from a background where perfectionism was taught as highly valued and provided me with a lot of external validation, I have tended to be more focused on trying to produce a "perfect" piece (everything else was relegated to the realm of "doodles").

I've been interested in more abstract styles for a while now, but I became too frustrated when attempting impressionism and the like because: (1) there's not as clear of a "right" answer when creating art in those styles, and (2) I grew up believing that my natural talent was "too good" to warrant additional lessons (i.e. I should be able to produce the "right" art without any help). How's that for toxic self-talk?

So I have been trying to break that pattern as of late, in an attempt to focus on the process (instead of the outcome). My first steps into this have been color studies.

In this piece, I was very interested in the combination of magenta pink and teal. I went into this piece not worrying about what the final product would look like, but simply "felt out" how the colors progressed.

I had a lot of fun making this piece and I am thrilled with the result. Please, enjoy!