NeuroLeadership Coaching (6 sessions)
NeuroLeadership Coaching (6 sessions)

NeuroLeadership Coaching (6 sessions)

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This listing is for a 6 Session NeuroLeadership Coaching Program.

The four facets of effective and successful leadership are Collaborating with Others, Facilitating Change, Self Regulation, and Making Decisions. In our NeuroLeadership Coaching sessions, we will be exploring your competencies and skills in these four areas to improve your effectiveness as a leader. We will partner together to increase your self-awareness and self-actualization in a way that propels you forward with accountable actions toward your professional goals.

What to Expect

I start every coaching relationship with a Free 30-Minute Discovery Session to give you a taste of what your coaching program will be like. Then, once we decide to work together, your coaching sessions will be 60-minutes long via video call or in-person (as long as we have a quiet place where we won’t be interrupted).

Doing a 6-Session Program is a recommended way to take advantage of what NeuroLeadership Coaching has to offer. Spaced out over the course of 3 months, it allows you enough time to substantially work through and absorb coaching insights and achieve your meaningful actions.

In our first Strategy Session, we will explore the NeuroLeadership Wheel and determine your satisfaction levels within each quadrant. We will then delve deeper into these areas to generate learning and self-awareness with powerful questions. Finally, you will create purposeful action items to dynamically propel yourself forward in pursuit of your goals.

In subsequent sessions, we will start by exploring your action items from the previous session. This is not meant to be a success/failure metric, instead, we are considering them mindfully with a nonjudgmental curiosity to discover potential values, perspectives, mindsets, habits, or assumptions that may be helping or hindering your progress. From there, we use targeted exercises to enhance and intensify your learning, insights, and awareness. We will always end sessions with action items for the coming weeks.

Want More?

Check out my 10-Session NeuroLeadership Coaching Program!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule your Free 30-Minute Discovery Session to find out what exactly coaching is and how it may help you.